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What is Seamons?

It’s not a ‘who’ but a place, or rather it was. The district of Altrincham now known as Oldfield Brow overlooks an area that the locals called Seamons Moss.

It was here, after the war, that a community centre was formed in the old school house and among the members a cycling section took root. Within a few years it became obvious that the cycling ‘tail’ was getting bigger than the community centre ‘dog’ so in 1948 independence was declared and the Seamons Cycling Club was born.

The Gold and Blue.

More yellow and blue nowadays but just as distinctive in a bunch or at a time trial. Seamons has mainly been a time trialing club in the past (when it wasn’t ‘strictly legal’).

Many of our members road race. In time trialing the club regularly gets placings on the local ‘J’ courses and has held the Manchester & District Best All Rounder title several times (with different riders). We even had two riders finishing in the top 5 of the national Best All Rounder competition (BBAR) back in 1965. Jim Boydel finished 5th with Keith Stacey winning the title that year.

A bunch of nutters?

That’s a bit unkind, just because our club emblem is a squirrel.

There’s no truth in the rumour that was the reason it was chosen. It’s proved to be a mixed blessing as the years have progressed and our perception of the mammal has altered – a rat with good P.R. is how it’s now regarded. Back in the ‘40’s it was unusual to see this ‘cute’ creature in urban areas and Oldfield Brow was an exception being densely wooded. Even so it would have been the dreaded grey variety that inhabited the local trees rather than the indigenous red that appears on our club badges and medals. Even though the numerous little blighters can cause havoc to cyclists as they dash across the roads we’ve kept faith, and our quarterly magazine still bears the title ‘The Squirrel’.

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