Time Trialing.

Cycle racing can take many forms but the simplest and easiest way to start is to take part in a Time-Trial.

In the summer months the club runs its own 10 mile time trial on a Wednesday Night.   READ MORE HERE

As well as these weekly events, club members can participate in Open Time Trial Events, which contribute towards:

For members there is a full calendar of events, from spring to autumn but cycling clubs up and down the country run mid-week races and this is the best place to start. 

A Time-Trial is ridden alone and riders must not take shelter from other cyclists or other vehicles on the road.

For a newcomer to the sport the big advantage is that no special equipment is needed.

Any kind of bicycle can be used the only stipulations are that (a) it must be roadworthy and (b) for Seamons events at least it should have a flashing front & rear light that is clearly visible. We also recommend the wearing of a helmet.

Seamons CC hold our CLUB’10’ time trials every Wednesday from April to August over a straight out and back course of 10 miles

Competitors set off at one minute intervals and their aim is to complete the course in the shortest possible time. Riders like to compare their times with others and with the times they themselves have done in earlier events. Remember a rider must not take shelter from any other rider or vehicle.

Riders who are under 18 must show a signed “Parental Consent” form to the event organiser. Copies of this form can be obtained from the Club Time Trial Secretary.

Courses vary, some courses are known to be quicker than others, and aerodynamic equipment helps riders go faster but this is not needed for a newcomer.

The Next Step.

Time Trialing in England and Wales is controlled by Cycling Time-trials (cycling time trials.org.uk)
This is a non-profit making company run by cyclists for cyclists. It has only two paid employees and decisions about the running of the organization are taken democratically at both local and national levels. 

Time trials are run over a set course that is usually well marshaled (although the onus is on the rider to know which way to go). Distances vary, most events are over 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles although there are also events that last for 12 or 24 hours.


For organization the country is divided into districts. We are in the Manchester District and we border the Liverpool, Midland and North Districts. Each District has its own Committee, the main functions of which are to sort out the calendar of events and to deal with the administration of the sport.

Events fall into three main categories, Open Events, Association Events and Club Events.

All districts have a local “Association” who run events and local competitions for riders in their district. Seamons are in the Manchester and District Time-Trial Association.
Members of the Association committee are elected annually from amongst the member clubs at an AGM.

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