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Club Championships.

Club Championships 2024:

Each event has club, female, veteran and junior champions.

Championship “10”                           15 May          7:30pm    Club 10 (JC/10E) Seamons riders only
Championship “25”                           05 June         7:00pm    Club 25 (JC/25E) Seamons riders only
Championship “50”                           28 July          8:00am    J4/9 Congleton CC  50 mile
Championship “100”                         07 July          6:00am     D100/8 SCCA & WCTTCA
Championship 12 hour                    18 August      6:00am     D12/1 WCTTCA & LTTCA 12hr
Championship 24 hour                     27 July          1:00pm     D24hr Mersey RC/RTTC National 24
Hill Climb                                            06 October   11:15am   Withenshaw Lane Seamons riders only

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