Seamons CC have rides suitable for most levels of rider (see below for more detail). All our rides (club runs) leave from the front of Rackham’s in the centre of Altrincham every Sunday at 9:00am. Destinations are planned in advance and can be viewed on our calendar pages here.

New riders are more than welcome to come along on a Sunday and try a club run two or three times to see how they get on. After joining us on a few runs the expectation would be for you to apply to join the club.

Each one of our Sunday rides is open to members and guests. Should you opt to change from your usual groups for a ride, it is essential that you observe the guidelines for the group you have joined. You must bring with you easily accessible emergency contact details, sufficient food / drink for your intended route, phone, working pump and at least one inner tube and tyre levers. Accidents and mechanicals happen – be prepared!

Where Junior / Youth members are present on the Social Ride the group has a collective responsibility to ensure that these members arrive back safely and accompanied at the end point of the ride, usually Costa Coffee in Hale. Please note that there are no official Coordinators for our other ride groups, as there are with the Social Group. Members of other group rides will make every effort to provide assistance and direction to ensure that Youth / Junior members can return to the Altrincham area. However, there can be no absolute guarantee that this will always be the case. Consequently parents must ensure that younger members can make telephone contact with them for support, if need be.

All groups are expected to ride safely, showing respect for one another and for other road users. This includes care at all junctions and safely regrouping following any hazard or challenging climb. It is good practise to exchange your mobile number with at least one other ride member, in case you loose contact with the group.

For reasons of safety, and as a courtesy to other road users, the club limits any Sunday riding group to 20 members. If more than that number is present, reallocation / reorganisation will take place at Rackhams or, if necessary, at a convenient stop soon after the beginning of the ride. This will be done by a Seamons Committee member or, if none is present in that group, by a senior / experienced Club member. For the Social Run it will be the designated coordinator.

All riders should familiarise themselves with the Organised Ride Guidance document in the docs section.

The details on each of the different ride groups can be found at the following – Social, Tempo Groups, Half Day and Tourists.

  • February 22, 2021