Membership Fees and Conditions
The individual annual membership fees are as follows: Senior: £20 on renewal and £25 for new members. Family: £25 on renewal and £30 for new members. The annual fee for Juniors (16-18) is set at £5.00, and for Juveniles (U16) & Social members is £5.00. (A Social member is defined as a non-riding member who attends the Clubroom on less than 12 occasions a year.) The member(s) (except social members) must provide evidence of BC, Cycling UK, LVRC or TL Cycling affiliation (See below). Click here to open the membership form in Word format.
Click here to open the membership form in pdf format.
Insurance for Club Members
As a club member, to participate in any official Seamons CC ride you must have Public Liability (Third Party) Insurance.
Currently there are five organizations recognized in our club rules as acceptable.
They are:
British Cycling (BC)
British Triathlon
Cycling UK
League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC)
TLI Cycling.

British Cycling (BC) You must take out either Ride, Race Silver or Race Gold membership. Race Gold includes Personal Accident Cover but is more expensive. Please note that BC Bronze membership does not include any Public Liability Insurance and is not acceptable for these purposes.

British Triathlon You must take out Core or Ultimate membership.

Cycling UK You must take out FULL membership. Please note that Introductory Membership only covers you for Cycling UK organised rides.

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) Annual membership.

TLI Cycling Annual membership.

Please Note -when accessing any insurance members are strongly recommended to read carefully and understand which aspects of cycling are, or are not, included. All four of the insurance providers named above meet the basic requirements to ride with the Club. The Cyclists Touring Club, or CTC as they were formally known, is now “Cycling UK”. You must have current Third Party Insurance from one of the above to ride with Seamons Cycling Club. Guests and potential new members are covered by Seamons CC’s annual affiliation to both BC and Cycling UK, for a limited number of official club runs. This cover does not extend to members of Seamons CC who must take out insurance cover individually, with either BC, Cycling UK, LVRC or TLI Cycling as described above.
Membership enquiries
Membership enquiries should be directed to our membership secretary by email at info@seamonscc.co.uk.
For all other enquires please email contact@seamonscc.co.uk
  • February 20, 2021