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2013       Montgomery, Christmas Fancy Dress, Hill Climb,  Junior Track Night,  Seamons TLI Road Race,    Championship 25,  Championship 10, Miscellaneous

2012       Montgomery,  Hill Climb,  Llangollen,  Club Dinner,   Miscellaneous

2011       Miscellaneous,  Championship Hill Climb,  Seamons Open 25,  Championship 50,  Championship 12h,  Championship 25,  Championship 10,  Tour of the Berwyns,  Tour of the Trough,  Open Race events,   Llangollen,  Club Dinner

2010       Track Night Nov,  Christmas Curry,  Hill Climb,  Championship 12 hour,  Club runs,  Last Club 10,  Championship 10,  Tour of th  Berwyns,  Anglesey,  Club 8.75 28 April,  Montgomery,  Miscellaneous,  Social Ride 14 Mar,  Presentation Dinner,  M&DTTA Lunch

2009       Half Day Runs (random),  Christmas Curry,  MontgomeryRoller Kola Night,  Hillclimb/Free wheel,  Championship 50,  Championship 24,  Club 8.75 8Jul,  Championship 100,  Championship 10,  Tour of the Berwyns,  M&DTTA Championship 25,  Llangollen,  Diamond Jubilee Dinner,  Miscellaneous

2008      Track Night Dec,  Montgomery 2008,  Diamond Jubilee Ride,  Track Night Oct,  Hill climb/Free wheel,  Last Club 10,  2 Up,  Championship 24 Hour,  Championship 50,  Championship 100,  Miscellaneous,  Championship 10,  Llangollen,  Club dinner

2007       Christmas hotpot,  Christmas 10,  Montgomery,  Club hill climb,  Slaidburn weekend,  Bob Richardson memorial run,  Miscellaneous,  Fun 10,  Club championship 25,  Club championship 10

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