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Club Runs (COVID19) Update

31 March 2021 :

Following the latest Government advice, The Committee are delighted to be able to reintroduce Club Runs.

From the 29th March Club Runs can start again though there remains some restrictions.
Official advice says groups are limited to a maximum of 15 however the Committee would prefer members to keep to groups of 6 or as close to as possible.

Riders should also follow guidance on hygiene, equipment sharing and be self sufficient.
There is also a requirement to maintain a 1 metre distance rule Groups intending to stop at a cafe need to be in groups of 6 or less.

Please check that the cafe is open and can accommodate you.

Meeting points, all rides depart at 9 a.m. –

Half Day – Rackhams upper level (steps)
T1 – Rackhams lower level
T2 – Hale Train Station car park
T3 – OBW
T4/Social – Hale Train Station Car Park (Hale Road End)


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