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Chain Gang: Saturday mornings 9:30am

07 April 2022 :

This Saturday morning at 9.30am, there will be two groups setting off at slightly different paces, from Mere lights up the A50 to High Legh , hanging a left at the garden centre, across to Cann Lane and left again before working the way back to Mere lights, 9 miles in total. It’s a flat course with minimal traffic. There will be a few laps completed, before we roll across to Apus, Knutsford for a top notch brew and well deserved slab of cake.
The tail of the tape, for those considering, the group last week averaged 22mph for 3 laps, this week they will ride at the same pace, and the second group will average circa 20mph, for 3 laps. However we will be running the second group and no one will be left behind, we will ride the course mopping up all those who go pop.


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  • April 7, 2022

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